1. System certification
The services of certification  including: quality  management  system certification ,environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, machinery safety certification, military quality management system certification, CUC product certification mark.
Has thousands of equipment for manufacturing, production, technical services, administrative and other types of enterprises, government agencies, offers a variety of certification services.
Customers distribution throughout the country and Japan and Kazakhstan and other countries.
Covering machinery, metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, electric power, railway, automotive, aviation, new energy, environmental protection, electrical, textile and clothing, weapons and other professionals.

Harbin Welding Research Institute Co., Ltd.Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.Zhongji First Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.Wuhan Material Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd.Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co., Ltd.Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Research Co., Ltd.Machinery Development Technology Co., Ltd.China Machinery Productivity Promotion CenterZhongji Huanyu Certification and Inspection Co., Ltd.Beijing Machinery Science Guochuang Lightweight Research Institute Co., Ltd.Yunnan Institute of Mechanical Research and DesignJiangsu Branch of General Academy of Mechanical Science Research Co., Ltd.Haixi (Fujian) Branch Co., Ltd., General Academy of Mechanical SciencesQingdao Branch of General Academy of Mechanical Science Research Co., Ltd.

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